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Dec 7, 2013 6:00pm PST
are watching a real sports game or video game. advances in technology play a big part but strides would not be possible without the help of the athletes. in advance of the nba 2 k launch a pair of warrior players assisted in the development making sure their styles were also showcased. >> i'm here in the 2 k sports place where i just cut myself on the game. ♪ >> this is my first time trying it all out. >> working on some moves. >> i'm excited to see where it goes. >> the fans always -- when you going to be out there? >> it will be the first time where a person who is on the bench will have his own signature. >> doing big things. >> so cool how that all comes together. taking on auburn. bo jackson on hand. james franklin from five yards out. a little tense on the sidelines. mason pushing his way across the goal line. 304 yards and four touchdowns for him. jackson knows that was huge and late in the game contest on the line. ryan smith will knock down franklin's pass. auburn, close one. >>> stanford update in tempe the cardinals playing against arizona state. they have a 28-14 lead abou
Dec 4, 2013 6:00pm PST
feet tall and loaded with technology. i'm scott budman. coming up, a very first look at the security guard of the future. >>> the man accused of killing another over a play sdags on sunday appeared in court for the first time today. he faces charges that could put him in prison for 75 years. nbc bay area's joe rosado jr. show us what prosecutors say they think ed will to the kill. >> the suspect faced his alleged killer for the first time. ronnie collins didn't enter a plea during a brief hearing in which he was described as a christmas time predator. >> if you think about what occurred there. it's the very antithesis of the season of giving. >> clark described how collins answered an ad for a play station 4 that his girlfriend and he most posted on insta gra. . they agreed to meet on bay view. >> they tried to get the young lady to walk from the walgreens by herself to the park. she declined. >> collins walked up to the car and pulled the gun on him. he offered to give him the play station. >> he indicated that here, have the play station, here have the play station, this isn't wort
Dec 2, 2013 6:00pm PST
of technology to speed up your shopping experience. >> and a reminder, with more savings come more scams. the fbi putting out a cyber monday warning today about scammers looking to take advantage of your online shopping. best advice, shop only on websites you know and trust and avoid e-mail offers. they're offer viruses in disguise. >> thanks, scott. >>> here's a little interesting tidbit about shopping. you're not going believe what black friday item flew off walmart shelves this year. towels. yes. towels and wash cloths were sold in packs of six for $1.79. that comes out to 29 creents a towel. walmart sold nearly 3 million towels. shoppers took to twitter to report people fighting over the towels. >>> more and more people are taking part in small business saturday. this is what it looked like in san francisco for shoppers. people spent $5.7 billion at small businesses across the country. national federation of independent business and american express survey says that's up from last year's number. all the buzz gave small businesses a strong start to the holiday shopping season. >> did
Dec 3, 2013 6:00pm PST
for careers in, what else? science and technology. >> things like our tutorial centers at both high schools, our college and career centers, extended library hours. and this year we've madeinvestm science equipment into our science labs in the schools. >> reporter: they're the success stories of today working to make these students the success stories of tomorrow. and you, of course, can still help by shopping on sites like ebay and amazon which will donate the money to charity. you can also take part in facebook's compassion research day. that takes place on thursday, and you can do that by logging on to your facebook page. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. >>> well, great news today for tesla and anyone holding tesla stock. after shares plummeted following two car fires that ignited a federal investigation, tesla's stock rebounded in a major way today increasing by more than 16%. in fact, one auto analyst says shares are now undervalued. the rebound comes after a german safety inquiry concluded no concerns about two model "s" fires that happened in washing
Dec 6, 2013 6:00pm PST
couldn't prove their technology was supported by science. so now the company has decided to continue selling the kits but says results will now be limited to ancestry-related information and raw uninterpreted genetic data. >>> i can interpret the weather outside. it is really cold. >> you're hired. >> it's cold inside and it's freezing outside. >> it really is. literally. getting close to the freezing mark. get this. parts of california with snow as low as 600 feet. we've got pictures. we're going to show that to you coming up and let you know how low it could go across the south bay tomorrow morning. >>> in two months he's going to take over one of the most ill lu lustriosu jobs on television. it's a high-stakes move for an entertainer who has bay area ties. tonight, raj mathai has "the interview" are jimmy. >> reporter: in two months he'll take over one of the most illustrious jobs in the history of television. jimmy fallon will replace jay leno on the "tonight show." it's a high-stakes move for an entertainer with bay area ties. tonight "the interview" with jimmy fallon. >> from s
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5